Endwarts Original on children under 4 years

Children under the age of 4 years can be treated with EndWarts Original but always ensure that it actually is a wart and not any other kind of skin defect. Consult your general practitioner or pediatrician before treating. An adult should always apply the treatment to children. Always follow the instructions carefully as the solution is corrosive. Download full instructions for use here.

User instructions

Small children have soft, thin skin. Therefore it is particularly important to reduce the dose and use a very small amount of EndWarts on children’s warts. One dip in the solution is enough for several warts. 

Just follow these simple steps:

For a successful treatment, always read the instructions carefully before use.

  • Hvordan bruke VorteFri Original - steg 1

    1. Dip the enclosed cotton bud in EndWarts Original.

  • Hvordan bruke VorteFri Original - steg 2

    2.  Press the cotton bud carefully against the edge of the bottle. The cotton bud should be just damp. Always wipe off excess solution onto a tissue or a piece of paper before you press the wart lightly for 1 second. Repeat 1-2 times. Be careful not to touch the surrounding skin.

  • Hvordan bruke VorteFri Original - steg 3

    3. Treat less frequently, such as every two or three weeks.

If the child sucks his or her fingers where the wart is located, the hands may be washed after treatment, since EndWarts Original penetrates immediately.

If it burns or stings when treating, rinse the wart with cold water and do not apply any more solution. It has already penetrated into the wart.

The warts usually disappear after 2–3 treatments.

Instructions on formic acid treatment

With the effective solution from EndWarts Original you simply treat once a week until the wart has disappeared.

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Vortefri Original

VorteFri Original

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VorteFri Original

VorteFri Original

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VorteFri Original er en unik og effektiv vortebehandling med maursyre, som raskt tørker ut vortene. Virkningsmetoden er nettopp det som skiller VorteFri fra andre syreprodukter på markedet.

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VorteFri PEN

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Inneholder den samme effektive syren som VorteFri Original. Dette produktet er designet og utviklet etter tilbakemeldinger fra forbrukere. Et trygt produkt som er enkelt i bruk, og derfor godt egnet til de minste barna.



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Det nyeste produktet. Den første hjemmebehandlingen med kald nok gass til å nå de dypeste lagene i vorten, for effektiv fjerning av vorter. En rask behandling til tenåringen og voksne.